Students who are interested in a hands-on experience and exposure to the fast-paced sports world, are encouraged to apply for an internship with Blue Sky Sports & Entertainment.


If you are positive, energetic, and a great multi-tasker, we would love to hear from you!  The ideal candidate will have a strong work ethic, excellent communication & organizational skills and a desire to learn the ropes of the Sports Marketing Industry.

Training received during your internship will be for your own benefit and will be under the close supervision of Blue Sky Sports & Entertainment employees.  Said training shall include but not be limited to:

  • Coordination of event logistics 
  • Marketing research
  • Drafting business correspondence
  • Social media development
  • Assistance with administrative tasks

All internships require a minimum of 16 hours per week, except for the winter term, which requires a minimum of 32 hours per week due to the shortened term. 

A Blue Sky Internship is an unpaid educational experience, and students must earn school credit for their internship.  Interns are not necessarily entitled to a job at the conclusion of the internship and Blue Sky Sports & Entertainment holds out no promise of future employment. 

Internships are available during:

  • Fall Semester:  August 22nd – December 16th
  • Winter Term:  December 14th - January 22nd
  • Spring Semester:  January 25th – May 13th
  • Summer: May 16th – August 19th

*Please note dates are subject to change based on school calendar. 

To apply, please email cover letter, resume and availability, including estimated start and end dates, to:

Diane Murphy


  • Christen Fitzgerald

    Marketing, Loyola University

    My internship at Blue Sky Sports & Entertainment was a phenomenal experience.  Kim Zayotti and the rest of the team gave me the confidence and independence to work on meaningful projects where I was able to contribute to the company.  My involvement was hands-on and it was a great learning experience being able to work at events outside of the traditional office setting.  I would recommend an internship at Blue Sky to anyone who is looking for real life work experience in a fast-paced, competitive learning environment.

  • Erin Bruno

    J.D. Candidate 2018, Boston College Law School

    Pursuing an internship at Blue Sky was one of the best decisions I made during my undergraduate career.  This hands-on experience further exposed me to the sport industry and enabled me to develop the research and writing skills that I will use in my future endeavors.

    Through my internship with Blue Sky, I developed skills in both event marketing and planning.  I have since leveraged these skills to gain further experiences in both the sport industry and legal profession.

    Interning with Blue Sky was a truly rewarding experience.  Through assisting with events such as the Mayo Bowl and the Boston Wiffle Ball Challenge, I had the opportunity to see firsthand all of the planning, marketing, and overall attention to detail that is required to make an event so successful.

  • Madeline McClain

    Business - Marketing, Boston University

    As a Summer 2015 Intern for Blue Sky, I was introduced to the incredible world of sports marketing and event planning through Blue Sky’s professional clientele and networking. Compared to boring desk jobs where interns go on coffee runs and file papers, I was able to have a hands on experience planning several events for some of the biggest names in Boston from Jerod Mayo to Cam Neely. Blue Sky opened my eyes to all the different opportunities marketing has to offer and just how exciting the business can be. With a staff as hard working and down to earth as Blue Sky, it was hard not to enjoy every minute of my internship.