• Miranda O'Donald

    Sport Management, University of Delaware

    My 2018 summer internship with Blue Sky has solidifed my desire for a career in the sports industry!  I received invaluable work experience that i could not have learned in the classroom, from day-to-day athlete marketing activities to collaborating on projects for upcoming events.  The Blue Sky staff was always eager to teach me and give me that push for success.  This amazing internship took me out of my Delaware community and connected me with the people involved in the fascinating New England sports world and beyond. 

  • Diana Flynn

    Management - Boston College

    I could not have asked for a better experience at Blue Sky during my internship.  From the outset, I was given purposeful, hands-on tasks aiding in the preparation of, as well as having the opportunity to attend and participate in events such as the Boston WIFFLE Ball Challenge and James White's Sweet Feet for Strikes fundraiser.  I felt comfortable in the working environment due to the close bonds I developed with each member of the amazing Blue Sky team.  The skills I learned, which included event planning, social media creation and athlete marketing will aid me in my future business endeavors.  I would recommend the Blue Sky internship program to anyone who is looking for a challenging and rewarding experience learning from people eager to teach you the ropes of the sports industry. 

  • Crystal Cascante

    2L, New England Law – Boston

    My 2018 summer legal internship at Blue Sky was the best learning experience I could have asked for.  Every task I was given had relevance to responsibilities I will likely have as I pursue a career in Sports & Entertainment Law.  I got to do contract work on a regular basis for major clients and organizations.  I also learned a lot about the business, marketing, and event planning aspects of the industry while working on projects for the Travis Roy Foundation’s annual wiffle ball tournament and for James White’s “Sweet Feet for Strikes” fundraiser.  The wide variety of assignments that Blue Sky provides its interns also helped me to improve my writing and speaking skills that I can’t necessarily develop in a law school classroom.  I looked forward to being at work every day thanks to the awesome team at Blue Sky!